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imagine it we create it

Origami starts every project by forging a detailed development plan of the requirements, for a good business relationship with our customers.

With this collaborative approach, we are able to effectively immerse ourselves into your vision, and provide premiere print and digital solutions that will grow your business.

As a multi-service creative agency, our skill set lends you to your challenges and create custom solutions that will help you get results.

Our services


We take your project from the idea and we supplying logo creation, graphics design and brand guidelines then translating these into a responsive flat and most important user experience website or ecommerce.

We also provide monitoring and maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.


Advertisers and Banners
Business cards, Letterhead
Flyer and Depliant
Logos and naming
Packaging and Labels
Ebook and Digital album
Web & Ui Design


We optimise websites implementing controlled Split testing to improve rank and to drive business goals.

Understanding how search works, maximising your search performance and delivering great results is what we do.


Search Engine Marketing
PPC pay per click
A/B or split testing
FEO, Cache and Cdn
Gzip compression image
Minimize Js and Css

Digital marketing

Whether you’re a start-up or an established organisation, we can monitor and update your social media with relevant content, interesting images and ensuring you are always visible to your target audience.

We collaborate with qualified photographers that can capture the images you need.

Digital marketing

Email marketing
Integrated campaigns
Media strategy
Social Media campaigns
Visual marketing

Corporate image

We work closely with you to understand your organisation, its attributes and opportunities, making sure you stand out and look the part is the core of your branding.

With a nice brand comes a good identity that provides a positive public perception of the brand.

Corporate image

Logo and naming
New Brand system
Brand system refresh
Strategic Brand planning
Product & material sourcing
Launch coordination

More Features


& tools


Pinch to zoom and flip page

With this multitouch gesture you can zooming in and out of all images in your photo ebook on the screen.

Micro & Macro

Everything is relative. The simplest moments can offer the most. That's why our imagery style covers such a wide spectrum... all these moments can be remembered better with a photo ebook.

Audio, Video and Text

Photo ebook supports embedded audio, video and all text do you need to define a moment!


Vertical Portrait, Landscape Portfolio, Square Album


Ebook and Comic Edition

Cover Design, ebook edition, distribution and Isbn. Everythink you need to make your book available in Ebook formats (epub3 or mobi8).

standard turnaround time: 10 working days
up to 100 pages (each additional page 1.50 €)

epub 3 (reflowable or fixed layout)

250 € + vat

mobi 8 / KF8

250 € + vat

epub 3 + mobi 8

450 € + vat

Ebook + Print + Distribution

Ebook conversion and distribution, Print formatting, distribution and Isbn. Everything you need to make your book and ebook availables in the world's biggest online retailers.

standard turnaround time: 15 working days

epub 3 or mobi 8 + print version

600 € + vat

epub 3 + mobi 8 + print version

650 € + vat

print cover design

150 € + vat